4 Main Types of LED Lights

When confronted with rows and rows of LED bulb options, the selection process can get daunting. Along with varying kelvin ratings, sizes and styles, the decision goes beyond whether this bulb will match?

Types of LED Light Bulbs​In a world of technology that changes faster than iPhone updates, LED bulbs are no longer new. Unlike COB, these bulbs use individual diodes as opposed to a single board of diodes.

​Due to hot spots, LED bulbs are ideal for general illumination purposes but not for focused lighting. ​Even though this style of energy saving bulb may have been one of the 1st of its kind, the design is a good alternative from COB bulbs.Chip on Board LED Bulbs

A COB LED bulb uses a cluster of LED chips that emits light at 180 degrees. They clustered together to make one module, in this case a light bulb. The individual diodes are virtually undetectable since COB LED’s emit light seamlessly. However, it’s best not to have a reflective surface nearby so the mirror image doesn’t distract from your lighting intention.

​With COB lighting, you can expect bright and bold illumination. Other types of LED are better suited for directional spot lighting. This type of light bulb is perfect for outdoor areas.

Types of Integrated LED Fixtures

Boasting easy installation and all in one construction, integrated LED fixtures are great for general lighting. These offer the bulb, trim, and fixture all in one – everything combined. So when you swap out old for new, integrated LED will make the conversion simple.

​A drawback of integrated LED fixtures is that the entire fixture would need to be replaced if damaged. Replacing individual parts is costly or impossible to find. So while installation is a cinch, sometimes maintenance is a bit more cumbersome.

Edison Style LED Bulbs

Ideal for every professional designer, vintage LED bulbs allow form and function to coexist. These bulbs come in old fashion Edison style and boasts a classy regal look.

​The trick is the COB technology. Instead of individual diodes the light gets emitted through a board of microscopic diodes. In essence the style is exquisite, and the energy savings are sublime.

Now that you know the individual strengths of each LED lighting option, you can have the confidence and peace of mind while shopping!

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