DIY Spotlight Installation Guide

Just an Idea…

Every summer begins with an idea – the light bulb clicks on and you’ve decided on the big project of the season. While you’ve seen the glamourous finished products on Pinterest, and you envy that DIY neighbor next door, you’re determined to ramp up your handy skills and create a entrance to your home. The hydrangeas are planted, the palms are climbing towards the sky, and you’ve just finished installing step stones that lead to your front door. It isn’t until that evening that your brilliant idea (light bulb) clicks on – or doesn’t because your picture perfect entrance is missing one crucial detail – lights!  

This summer, take the time to brighten up your front yard. In one weekend you could transform your landscape with a few pathway lights, in ground wells, and strategically placed mini bollards. Many homes have fabulous architectural features that deserve to be highlighted. An arched doorway, a welcoming footpath through the yard, or a quaint white picket fence surrounding a wrap around porch. Use lighting to make the hardscape of your home blend with the greenscape. In ground well lights discretely up-light trees, rose bushes, and wall climbing vines. Take a moment to place asymmetrical pathway lights to define the footpath to your doorway, and add a few mini bollards behind, or within, small shrubberies. Your entrance will welcome your guests and make your neighbors fawn over your upgrade.  

In your backyard, lighting makes for a perfect hideaway after the 9 to 5 grind. Gazebos could use a few recessed lights to illuminate the sitting area, and bench seating could use step lights to provide safe pathway lighting. Highlight the colorful blooms in your garden and the artistic elements such as a water feature or boulders. Lighting truly completes a landscape and allows you to enjoy your investment at any time of day.

Lighting has a mystical way of providing protection from unwanted visitors, while simultaneously increasing your curb appeal. Your summer project won’t be complete until you install the finishing touches.


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