Rope Light Design Ideas

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to brighten up a room, your best option could be wound up on a spool of rope light. Not only is rope light cheap and easy to install, it comes in a variety of colors as well as energy efficient options. LED or Incandescent 2 Wire Rope Light is perfect for a simple DIY project around the house, and here are the top 4 ways to stay current this season.

Word Art

Word Art Made with Rope Light

With the rise in graphic art, it is no surprise that one of the latest design trends of 2016 is to use rope light to create bright, decorative signs. It may have began with holiday terms such as peace, joy, and noel, but now chic word art using rope light spans from highlighting a home bar with bold words like eat, drink, & be merry to outdoor lettering by a jacuzzi or pool declaring relax or jump in! The best part is you can incorporate these fun phrases in a variety of ways. Wood letters can be backlit using custom cut rope light for a rustic appearance or go vintage with aluminium cut outs. While these bargain buys may not originally come with lighting, rope light is easily added and can instantly make these pieces unique and chic. The best part is rope light can be used in and outdoors so you’ll never have to worry about your signs placement.

Patio, Deck, or Bench Illumination

Patio Deck Rope Lighting

Accent lighting for ambiance and safety is a great way to increase the appeal of your outdoor living space. Patio and Deck rails are instantly transformed by adding rope light to the toe kick and under the upper rail for a soft glow. The rope light fixture is never seen, but the warm illumination accentuates the area. Built in benches also look fabulous with a bit of rope light along the edge to highlight the feature. Lighting is crucial to any outdoor living space, and rope light is an extremely cheap way to enhance the allure of your home.

Re-purposed Pallets

Recycled Pallet with Rope Light

A massive DIY trend involves upcycled shipping pallets and rope light. It is almost impossible not to find a DIY pallet project on your Pinterest home feed! Pallets can be used to construct a rustic bed frame, a classic corner shelf, a affordable home bar, and a variety of other items. Rope light just adds to the overall appeal of upcycling previous bonfire wood. The best option for your next pallet project would be EZ Rope Light Kits that come in a variety of measurements to make the overall project easier to execute.

Backlit Custom Art

Rope Light Wall Decoration

Whether you’re decorating a nursery with a playful alphabet or trying to enhance decorative wall art LED rope light is the best option. Backlighting is a major trend in contemporary design, and rope light allows for simple installation and a variety of color options. Even some of the Hybrid Polar RGB Color Changing Tape/Rope Light  would be preferred for these types of projects. Woodland homes love to use nature in displays, like this gorgeous petrified branch, while some projects are individually unique, like this Pokemon night light. No matter what art piece you’ve selected to illuminate, think about backlight the piece to enhance its allure.

Rope light has endless DIY capabilities, these are just a few fun projects to try this summer. Feel free to grab a whole spool and splice as needed, or go with a custom cut option to buy as you play. The best part is these projects are affordable and fun!

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