Guide to Pathway Lighting

Guide to Pathway Lights

Whether you are improving your daily arrival from a long day’s work, sprucing up your curb appeal to put your home on the market, or making sure your guests feel welcomed as they cruise up your drive– pathway lights are essential. The style and arrangement of walkway lighting is highly personal, but the basic need for evening illumination is not. Here are some key components and tips on how to set up your pathway lights.

Style & Strengths

Put together a plan for your pathway lighting before you start shopping. Go on Pinterest or Houzz to find similar homes with a style you favor. Look for some key fixtures in their design. There should be a nice balance between in ground lighting coupled with pathway or area light fixtures. In ground well lights allow for your walkway or drive to be the focus, instead of the fixture. This style of fixture uses different lens covers to direct the lighting. A pathway flanked by grass on each side would be best served with in ground fixtures, while a walkway that has flower beds to each side would be a great place for area fixtures. The landscape vegetation will greatly influence the fixture selection to best serve the aesthetics of your home.

Installing Walkway Lights Outdoors

Low Voltage

Homeowners should always use 12 volt lighting with LED fixtures. Not only does 12 volt lighting allow for a much easier installation, but the LED combination helps eliminate the worry of voltage drop. Unlike commercial grade transformers, 12 volt systems are safe without having to dig a 3 foot trench. With a low voltage system, homeowners can install their new pathway lighting system without calculating the electrical draw of each fixture or fearing grave injury. We recommend hiring a professional for your electrical projects, just know the labor costs will be significantly reduced if you use a low voltage system.

Ways to Light Pathway


As you are scrolling through Pinterest inspiration boards or shopping for professional contractors on Houzz, take note of the fixture placement. The style of light fixtures placed on columns, beside doors, along a pathway, and one each step differ in style and function. Take note that the same home will visually tie the functional fixture together with the designer fixtures by metal types or coloration. In ground fixtures are best hidden to allow what they are illuminating to be on display, while area or pathway lights have a designer style to bring a beauty to your home’s design. Compliment feature with function as you design.

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