Lighting in a New Direction

Traditional lighting experts will advise you to install recessed cans in your kitchen with under cabinet lighting for functional illumination. To step up the decor aspect they’ll advise you to install three to five pendant lights over your island or a chandelier over your kitchen table to bring in an artistic element. While traditional lighting looks divine, there is an element of unique design that could blow away your house guests the next time they come over for dinner and drinks – backlit countertops.

Whether your kitchen has warm tones or cool grays, backlighting a gorgeous piece of onyx or translucent resin could be the showstopping piece to incorporate in your redesign. This technique can be used with onyx, agate, resin, or glass countertops. Many translucent stones are perfect for kitchen counters and backsplashes because of their durability, and their unique natural swirls of color make backlighting them ingenious.

Once you’ve selected your natural stone decide on a location to create a stunning piece of lighting art. An island in your kitchen, the backsplash behind your stove top, the guest bath’s countertop, or in your master bathroom all are perfect locations to illuminate a beautiful piece of natural stone, glass, or resin. Picking a single area in your home will create the dramatic effect you’re looking for with this design feature. As for the lighting, you can have your contractor use standard rope light or LED 2-wire rope light with a hidden switch within a cabinet, drawer, or under the counter itself. Make sure this feature is connected to its own power source so that you are able to control the mood of the room at a click of a button.

Remember, not all lighting sources need to come from above. Sometimes the best illumination comes from within.

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