“Must-Haves” in the 2016 Kitchen

It’s no surprise that Forbes magazine would partner with Houzz to bring their readers the inside scoop on the top design trends for fabulous kitchens. It appears that sharp, clean lines are in vogue with pops of pattern or metallic. As you browse through the glamorous images, and pin a few to your Pinterest wish list, there is one essential element that is maintained throughout the gallery – under cabinet lighting.


The sleek modern designs are clearly using tape or rope lighting to illuminate the chic bar cut outs. Tape lighting allows designers to use a low profile fixture to enhance the sleek design features used in these top tier layouts. With a metallic backsplash or patterned tiles, the lighting would draw your guests’ eyes to the feature walls for a more alluring atmosphere. The installation flexibility is also a huge benefit of tape and rope light fixtures. Most systems can be easily plugged right into a standard plug, while others can be hardwired to function off a switch. The plug and play type installation makes tape lighting ideal for the DIY homeowner, while the hardwire option would appeal to the savvy electrician. For even easier installation, there is a tape light product that is completely plug and light up. The need for a soldering iron is eliminated with this new product. Both products come in a variety of colors from the traditional warm white to RGB availability. One of the modern kitchens in the Forbes articles uses red in the sexiest way. Lighting does wonders for enhancing the mood and overall feeling that a kitchen emits.


While some of the kitchens in the top 2016 designs offer floating shelves and artistic cut outs, the shaker style cabinet is far from ousted. For a sleek, hardwired under cabinet lighting option, an LED light bar would be a desireable fixture. Light bars offer an even glow across the counter top or above cabinets in an alcove. A new available light bar allows homeowners to be indecisive with their lighting choice. The light bar offers 3 different lighting options: moon white, warm white, and cool white. Each light option provides and different function and mood, while cool white would be used for mincing veggies or preparing pastries the warm white would be an inviting cocktail hour as guests arrive.


The new standard for kitchens this season is chic, and lighting has a lot of personality that helps elevate the designs. Whether tape light or a light bar is used, homeowners should expect their kitchens to be illuminate for more than just style – but for function as well.

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