Top 3 Ways to Catch Santa 2017

As the eve of Santa’s work approaches, it may be tempting to see if you could be the one who catches this jolly, jovial man at his mystical work. Capture a quick photo of good ol’ St. Nick to show the nonbelievers the magical truth.

Follow this handy guide for the top 3 ways to catch Santa Claus!


Carrots, Cookies & Craftiness

Carrots and Cookies for Santa


The first wiley way to increase the odds of you catching a magical force at work is to rely on the classics. First, gather at least two full baskets of rinsed, full carrots. These little veggies will be left on the roof to preoccupy the reindeer. You don’t want them to warn Kris Kringle before you have a chance to catch him in the act.

Second, have your grandma bake her famous sugar cookies as a treat for the family, but stow some away to leave as bait in your tricky trap.

Finally, practice your quick snapshot skills. You’ll want to be a pro at snapping exactly the right shot to be sure you get the most flattering photo of our very own Santa Claus.

On Christmas Eve, hike your baskets of veggies onto the roof. Conceal a small tape recorder at the bottom of the basket, so you collect an audio recording of the hooves, jingle bells, and wickering reindeer – bonus proof. Leave a plate of grandma’s infamous cookies with a cup of whole milk near the tree. Then find an uncomfortable place to hide that has a clear view to your fireplace.

A kernal of advice, drink plenty of coffee and eat a few cookies for the sugar rush. When Santa Claus comes ho ho hoing down the chimney, snap a quick photo!


Elf on the Shelf & a Sweet Bribe

Christmas Elf Decor


While it doesn’t have the elegance of an elaborate con, a quick bribe will increase your odds of capturing the man in the red suit. Your Elf on a Shelf can be used for more than keeping your kiddos on the nice list as Santa’s day draws near – make him your ally for the price of a few gumdrops.

There is nothing an Elf on the Shelf enjoys more than a good gingerbread baking session. Convince this crafty cobbler, that you will leave the pantry ajar, and gumdrops will abound if he will borrow your phone for the night to take a selfie with Santa.

Some may say, your Elf on the Shelf will never bend for such a bribe…all we have to say to that is the proof is in the powdered sugar.


Motion Sensors & Spot Lights

Motion Detecting Light


Be advised – this is only for the most dedicated of pursuers!This strategy is sure to bag you a jolly fat man prior to him committing his annual epic B&E. For this to be an success, invest in a motion sensor and spotlights.

The best time to set up your perimeter of spot lights is when you’re hanging your Christmas lights for the season. No one will be the wiser. Grab your ladder, extension cords, and festive decor for this mission impossible plan.

Set your string lights along the roofline, and make sure your seasonal motifs are center stage. The biggest thing, is ensuring your decorations leave Santa a single location on the roof for him to safely land his sleigh.

Once you’ve committed to the location, place your spot lights around the perimeter with a motion sensor facing the middle of your landing zone. Feel free to test your brilliant smoking gun on a few neighborhood squirrels to see the sensitivity of your selected sensor.

Then, the hardest part of this plan, wait. On Christmas eve, put on your black unitard, curse Jack Frost’s icy bite, and wait for Kris Kringle to be caught in your blazing trap of glory.

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