Under Cabinet Light Bar Basics

When it comes to kitchen design, lighting is an essential element. It started out with a framed light box in the middle of the ceiling and has evolved to a much more elegant system. Recessed lights, hopefully LED to save on energy costs, replaced the unattractive light box in the early 80s. But any designer worth his or her wattage knows recessed cans don’t cover all your lighting needs. If your kitchen only has recessed fixtures, this is a great next step – illuminate your countertop. Kitchen layouts have opened up and increased the storage space. It is normal to have upper and lower cabinets throughout the layout, and unfortunately those upper cabinets tend to block some of the light from hitting the countertops. If you’ve updated your counter to quartz, marble, granite, decorative glass it would be an atrocity to keep those decorative elements hidden. Why pick a gorgeous, sparkling countertop to then hide it in the shadows? Take a Saturday this weekend and install some under cabinet light bars. The effect is stunning.

Under cabinet lighting is pivotal when it comes to increasing the resale value of your home, and keeping it safe to cook in while you live there. Chopping, dicing, slicing, carving, preparing a meal can be quite a task if your kitchen has poor lighting. First your upper cabinets create a shadow over your counters, and then you lean over to begin chopping and reduce the lighting further. It’s a wonder you can clearly see the cutting board and knife – do not confuse your finger with a carrot. Under cabinet light bars resolve this issue quickly and painlessly.

First, select the light bar that is the right size for your cabinets. You want the light bar to extend all the way from the middle to the ends of your cabinets as best as possible to avoid unsightly hotspots. For single cabinets you could always use a puck for even easier installation. If you don’t feel confident selecting the right size for your cabinets, you could discuss the most desirable length with a friendly customer service member.  Once you have the fixtures ordered and received, find a reliable electrician for your installation. They will not only be able to install your under cabinet light bars without exposing any cords or wires, they can set the fixtures to work on their own dimmer switch for more lighting control. For those late night wake up calls, all you’ll need is the soft illumination of your under cabinet light bars, instead of the harsh bright lights above. While kitchen light design doesn’t end with light bars or recessed cans, those elements are crucial to building a functional layout.


  1. I’m thinking of buying the 8″ Pre Cut LED SMD5050-30W Tape Light Strip. I need to know what kind of connector to use that links to a wall adapter? Thank you

    1. Hi Don, you would need a 25 watt driver and a jumper in the size needed for the job to get from the tape lights to where you are plugging in to the transformer.
      You may also want to add in an inline switch as well to turn the lights off and on.

      All parts are offered as an option in the tape light product page below. Thanks for the inquiry!


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