4 Unique Halloween Lighting Decor

With this playful holiday in just a few short days you may be wondering how you can step up your outdoor scene. Your ambition may not push you so far as to set up your own haunted house, but you may want your trick-or-treaters to have a real Halloween experience as they scurry up your driveway for their goodies. We’ve put together a few unique Halloween decoration ideas to give you a severed hand.

1. Smoking Coffin


There is nothing like a fog filled coffin when it comes to conjuring blood sucking vampires to mind. Create a scene out of Transylvian with a few decorative props, a bit of costume make up, and lighting. Place the bowl of candy at the top of your driveway or on on your porch, then dramatize the path to the treats. A small coffin with the lid ajar isn’t spooky on its own. Increase the production value with a little dry ice and dimmable RGBW tape light. These minor details are a great way to take a dull empty box and make it the home of the blood sucking undead.

2. Dinner is Served

If you’ve run out of time and only have a few hours to put something together this will be sure to give the kids a good scare. Pull two card tables together with a small space inbetween for your volunteer to sit. They’ll probably want a chair or stool hidden under the tablecloth so they can stay comfortable throughout the night. Grab a cheap styrofoam platter and cut a nice hole in it, and grab a cheesy halloween mask to make your volunteer looked like a stuffed dummy. Along with the candy bowl, place other fake limbs on the table to go with the theme. We’d even recommend this head in a jar to distract the trick-or-treaters from the real terror. Finally, have a mellow adult not even in costume hanging out to “monitor” the candy bowl. This final piece is what will give your severed head the element of surprise when it screams!

3. Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Halloween Webbing

While massive spiderwebs aren’t unique, you can easily step them up with lighting. The white drab cotton doesn’t fool anyone, go with green or purple uplighting to intensify their look. The colors will also create a creepy mood with very little effort. Unlike dimmed warm white bulbs, the RGB alternatives provide a deep hue. That illusion alone will have your guests brushing away the tickling sensation on the back of their neck.

4. Harvest Decor

Scare Crow Decoration

Now this last one is super devious…poor kids. Go with Fall decor outside, no jack-o-lanterns, no spiderwebs, no fake ghosts. Have cute pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, and a stuffed scarecrow on your porch holding a bowl of candy. The trick is, that burlap faced scarecrow with precious eyelashes and an adorable smile isn’t truly stuffed. Grab oversized jeans, a large flannel shirt, and a large t-shirt for this gag. You’ll also want a burlap sack to cover your face and gardening gloves. Have a friend stuff your costume so you look like an adorably plump fake scarecrow. Sit on your porch and have fun deciding which kids to scare the pants off of and which to let believe this sweet set up is truly as innocent as it seems.


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