Updating Kitchens

 Not all kitchens have the same look or feel, but there are similar rules to follow when you start your own kitchen renovation. First, keep in mind that updating the look of your bathrooms and kitchen will provide the largest financial return when the day comes to sell your home. This blissful reality means it is ok to invest in your home, while you enjoy the beauty of your redesign. Here are a few rules to follow as you embark on this renovation:

  1. Set a Budget – Decide how much you’re willing to pay to rejuvenate your space. It is important to be realistic, and whether you’re going for a full reconstruction or a face lift, it is crucial to stay within your financial comfort zone. Sit down with the books and crunch those numbers. 
  2. Pick your style – Start flipping through magazines and perusing Pinterest to see the look and feel that fits your home the best. You’ll need to decide if you want dark cabinetry with light counters, French cobblestone with burnt mustard yellow details, contemporary sleek hardware with monochromatic floors, counters, and cabinets, find a few images of the same style so you’ll be consistent as you begin the larger decisions and purchases.  
  3. Get the Big Stuff – Make sure to grab the bigger pieces first and the smaller, decorative pieces second. Decide if you are painting your maple cabinets to an expresso brown, a country white, or another selection from the colorwheel,  Sherwin-Williams has a great selection and they make it easy to find the color that will work for you. If you plan on updating your cabinetry altogether checkout Harden, they have custom cabinetry in a world of finishes. Next, find your counter top. It could be anything from concrete to quarts the possibilities are truly endless. If you are sticking with the same counter make sure you select a color for your cabinetry that will compliment your counter-top. If you are making subtle changes, Home Depot has some amazing counter-top paint options.  Lastly, remember flooring makes a huge difference, but that doesn’t always have to be solved with pulling up the old stuff and replacing it with new. Cheat the system with some amazing rugs, West Elm has a fabulous selection.
  4. Light it Up – Face lift or total revamp, two different phases of lighting should be used to highlight your gorgeous new space. If there is a light-box in your kitchen it should be the first to go. There is nothing that is more outdated than a retro wooden box of fluorescent bulbs. Recessed lighting is easy to install and will bring your kitchen into the new age. Call a local contractor or use Home Depot’s Redbeacon for installation you can trust. Next, find the tape light color that will illuminate your counter-tops for both decorative and functional lighting. When you’re preparing dinner and chopping veggies, you’ll see the wonderful use of under cabinet lighting. Lastly, find something decorative! Chandeliers and pendants give the space so much personality. Find the jewelry your kitchen deserves. 
  5. Enjoy – Major overhaul or just a quick freshen up, enjoy the redesign of your new space. Sit back and relax with a cup of joe and reveal in the investment you’ve made.




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